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Dragees / Nibbles

Chocolate Dragees / Nibbles

We have searched all over the world to find the finest quality chocolate covered fruit & nuts, otherwise known as chocolate dragees, at affordable prices and Helen's Chocolates are one of only a few importers to stock these superb products.

Not all dragees are the same as you will discover when you try our wonderful range of chocolate delights. These dragees have a carefully measured chocolate coating covering the best quality chocolate brazils, chocolate almonds, chocolate hazelnuts, chocolate raisins & chocolate liqueur centre balls. The chocolate, particularly the dark chocolate coated products, has a glossy shine portraying an industry standard for quality. We have been selling these chocolate nibbles, as we prefer to call them  for about 25 years. As well as chocolate coated nuts and raisins, dragees also include all sugar candy confectionery. We are proud to offer Italian Soft Fruits that have a very distinctive fruity flavour.

Helen's Special Chocolate Nibbles are an exciting selection of nuts, raisins, truffles, marzipan and butter brittle that will surprise you with every bite. These are also available in sugar free chocolate which are great for those who are diabetic. 

Chocolate nibbles are great as gifts or just for a sweet indulgence for yourself! Whether you're sharing or not, you can be sure that these delicious chocolate nibbles won't last long.