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Traditional Sweets

We stock a wide range of traditional sweets like bon bons, liquorice allsorts, gummy bears and wine gums which are perfect for all ages! Rewind back the years by indulging in some traditional sweets you might have had growing up, with all the classics such as rhubarb and custards, pear drops and dolly mixtures. In our traditional sweets section, you’ll also find a selection of chocolate covered raisins, caramels, honeycombe pieces and more as well as some delicious cinder toffee and hard toffee. All our traditional sweets come in perfect snack sized bags ideal for sharing! Why not pick up a couple today...

Traditional old-fashioned sweets as you remember them!


Fruit Jellies Gift Drum
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Fruit Jellies Gift Drum in a clear acetate packageNet weight 350g..

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