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What your Choice of Chocolate Says About Your Personality

on October 30, 2015 .

Have you ever given someone a box of chocolates only to find that 86% of the chocolates never leave the box? Remember the last time you received a box yourself only to trawl through the selection menu and pick out all your favourites?

Lets be honest for a moment. As much as we all love a good box of chocolates the facts are we never like everything that’s inside. Maybe you’ve got a ‘thing’ for White Chocolate Truffle? Perhaps your penchant is a Dark Chocolate Almond Praline? Or maybe you just adore the magnificence of a good old' Milk Chocolate Fudge.

I know some people who – if they had the choice – would simply get a whole box of Sea Salt Caramel. Maybe not to my liking but 'each to their own' right?

And when it comes to your choice of chocolates your tastes are unique. In fact your choice of chocolate is as unique as your personality. So, if you were to choose your own luxury chocolate selection box what would you choose and what do your choices say about your personality?

Well I’m here to give you a bit of insight into the answer to that question.

I can’t guess what chocolates you’d choose. But I can guide you as to what it says about your personality.

Dark Chocolate

If your hand goes directly to the dark chocolates it’s clear you don’t care what others think of you. A dark chocolate lover does what they please in a determined, passionate way. You’re decisive, selective and have a no nonsense approach to life.

There’s a level of sophistication there too, dark chocolate is an acquired taste that’s not for everyone. Lovers of the more pure form of chocolate appreciate the finer detail of the taste and aren’t afraid to display it. That shows they aren’t afraid to have, and show their opinions but always do so with class, grace and style.

Dark chocolate makes you a swashbuckling hero that swings in on

White Chocolate

If you completely go the opposite from dark and end up most often with the white chocolate you may as well have burst through the window on a motorcycle after jumping through a ring of fire. You arrive in style, draw the attention of others and become the life and soul of the party.

You’re a rebel without a cause – and you love it. You’re always up for a good debate as it makes the gears in your brain tick overtime and allow you to display your breadth of knowledge, flair and creativity. But you always take things on with thought, respect and consideration for others. While you live a life of excitement you understand it’s not for everyone.

There’s always an idea, a plan, a new adventure on your mind and while some people might find that a little ‘scattered’ the reality is you’re just marching to the beat of your own drum…the world can be boring but you’re not.

Milk Chocolate

When there’s a problem to solve, something to fix or a drama to calm you’re the one that’s there to do it. You’re the reliable, dependable, ‘can do anything’ kind of person.

Milk chocolate is a favourite for you because you know what to expect and can depend on it being exactly what you wanted. It’s a crowd pleaser for many, as are you. Everyone knows you and trusts you – in fact you’re the ‘guru’ of the crowd. When people want advice, instruction or guidance they know you’re the one to turn to.

That makes you friendly and approachable too. Your intelligence allows you to be the dependable one, the one with the answers and the favourite of many – just like your choice of chocolate.


Why hello there… If there’s nothing better than a caramel filled or flavoured chocolate one thing is abundantly obvious…you’re as smooth and sophisticated as the caramel filling you just consumed.

You’re a smooth talker. You probably arrived at the party, stepping out of your 1964 E-Type Jaguar with a bottle of 2009 Chateau Mouton Rothschild, explaining to your host on arrival, ‘il est un plaisir de faire votre connaissance’ (it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance).

You like art, music and aren’t afraid to go skydiving or bungie jumping. You’re full of confidence, high self-esteem and always have the most riveting stories to tell. A person of experience and the world you like the finer things in life but at heart are very down to earth, good natured and a big softie really.

You’ll happily do anything for your friends and family, are dependable yet love to make sure everyone’s happy, content and having a great time.

Praline/Nutty Chocolates

If it were the late 19th Century you’d probably be a Lord of the Manor. You exude class and a good swathe of old fashioned virtue. When you pull a nutty chocolate or a praline out of the box first you know that in there someone is exactly the flavour and expectation of a classic taste.

Even before reaching for it you’ve thought about it, analysed the other options and made a logical and critical decision about your selection. You took a smart decision and shall reap the reward. Content with life and your place in it you like to always take the considered, analytical approach with a critical eye.

You’re very social with a tight circle of close friends and value the importance of your relationships. You also value the classic qualities of fine items like vintage cars, renaissance art and historic architecture.

The praline and nutty chocolates are real classics, you’d almost say vintage and that’s exactly the kind of style you bring when you’re out and about.


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